OUR COLOUR CARE TIPS. Creative Director, Emily refreshes our Colour Care Tips for 2017

Hair Jungle Creative Director’s tips to keep your hair colour fresh:

1- Wash your hair every 2nd to 3rd day, rather than every day. Always shampoo your hair TWICE as this means your hair is properly clean and will allow it to go longer until it next needs washing. Condition mid lengths and ends ONLY, do not put conditioner on your roots.Use dry shampoo in between to keep your hair fresh and clean looking.

2- Use a colour lock shampoo & conditioner such as our Keune Colour Brillianz. This will help lock in colour pigment and extend the hair colour vibrancy and brightness.

3- Rinse your hair with cool water after your usual shampoo and condition. This will close the cuticle to seal in the colour pigment.

4- Don’t overdo it with heat appliances. Straighteners and hair dryers can cause breakage and colour fade. When you do use heat appliances ALWAYS use a heat protector such as our Keune 2 Phase Protection spray.

5- Oils and leave-in conditioners such as our Milkshake Glistening Argan Oil or Milkshake Incredible Milk are great for coloured hair. They keep it soft and smooth, improving the condition, thus holding the colour pigment for longer.

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